The COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, disruptions to supply chains and increasingly extreme weather events suggest that interacting economic shocks may be more common in the future. This demonstrates the need to strengthen the resilience of our economies and increases the demand for access to timely, relevant, and quality data to inform decision-making. NSOs and International Organisations must therefore adjust their approach, innovating in response to data collection needs and the public interest. In the coming years, the continuing impacts of the pandemic, environmental challenges and geopolitical challenges are set to further stress the need for improvements and innovations in the global statistical infrastructure. In Seoul, on September 21, 2023, Statistics Korea and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) are joining forces to reflect on lessons learned so far, focussing on the new data sources and new data techniques being used to deliver high-frequency, granular, and trusted statistics to support economic resilience policy. They will also touch upon the ways in which we can promote the usability of these new data to maximise the public good. This joint KOSTAT-OECD Conference on novel data for economic resilience will include high-level reflections, as well as working-level presentations of the most innovative statistical work from our respective organisations and beyond.
  • Date date 21 September 2023
  • Venue Venue Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul,
    Republic of Korea
  • Host
    Statistics Korea(KOSTAT)
    OECD Statistics and Data Directorate
  • Programme Programme Overview
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    Programme schedules are subject to change

Registration for the KOSTAT-OECD SDD Conference

Please click on the button below and fill out the required information. The form needs to be submitted by Thursday, 14 September, 2023. On-site registration will be available from the morning of 21 September. For any further inquiries or questions, please kindly contact the KOSTAT-OECD SDD conference Secretariat. (kostat.oecdsdd@gmail.com).

The conference offers the option to attend either in person or online. After pre-registering, if you choose to attend online attendance, we will send a Zoom link for the video conference to the email you have registered.

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